Micro Bikini Fashions And Styles

There are many micro bikini styles and fashions to choose from for those that want to look their best on the beach or pool side. Finding the right one for you could be hard if you have never tried one on before. Here are a few ideas on the fashions and styles you should look at.

There are micro and super micro bikinis available, and it could be hard to figure out which you want to wear. The tops are virtually the same and the differences are seen in the bottoms. Tops for either fashion are available in triangle or full tops.

Triangle tops normally offer minimal coverage and are adjustable, with ties around the neck and back. The term micro is used to describe the material used and overall coverage offered. Normally you can expect a top of any size to cover about one third or less of the exposed breast.

Bottoms are available in full coverage cuts or string, t back or thongs. These differences could be used to create your ideal look by mixing and matching to get the swim suit you want. T backs are made like a string bikini but do not tie on the sides and are one solid piece around the waist.

Thongs normally have a small triangle of material in the back, while string and t backs have none. For more material, the full coverage bikini bottoms can be found in different cuts. This would include Brazilian, high cut and low cut. What looks best on you can be a challenge if you have never worn one.

To get the best fit, visit your local store and try on different styles to decide what will look best on your frame. You can also look online for micro bikini styles and fashions as a way of finding your favorite look. Most sites keep updated pictures for the newest trends on both coasts.

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